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Best Counter Image Counter

With so many Geiger counters available online, it's easy to become confused when comparing specification and features to meet your needs. First, ask yourself, "why are you looking to buy a Geiger Counter and what is your application" Your answers to this question will refine your search for a Geiger Counter model that will best satisfy your need. Why other people purchase Geiger counters:

What is a Geiger Counter Before we look into features you need to look for in a Geiger Counter, let's first define what is a Geiger counter. After all, you do not want to purchase an instrument that is not a Geiger Counter! Geiger Counters are instruments that can detect and measure radioactivity using a Geiger Mueller tube. Geiger Mueller tubes are commonly referred to as a GM tube tube. The original design of the g-m tube by Hans Geiger and E.W. Mueller in 1928 hasn't changed much and the tube's sensor function remains the same. Radiation, as it passes through the GM tube, ionizes the gas within the tube. The ionization initiates a momentary avalanche of electrons accelerate by the high voltage potential used to power the GM tube. This avalance, create a momentary conductive path between the wire at the center of the tube (Anode) and the wall of the tube (Cathode), see figure 1 resulting in a 'click' sound. By measuring the number of the clicks, the instrument indicates the radiation levels. The GM tube sensor is the heart of the Geiger counter and to be a Geiger counter, the device has to contain a Geiger-Muller (GM) tube.

Natural Background Nuclear Radiation: Nuclear radiation is a normal part of our life on planet Earth. We are bombarded with nuclear radiation every day. Background radiation, from natural sources on earth and cosmic rays will cause the Geiger counter to click randomly a number of times every minute. In my corner of the world I have a background radiation that triggers the counter 22-34 times a minute. When performing radiation checks to see if a material is radioactive or contaminated with radioactive material, this background radiation count is usually deducted from the reading to evaluate if a material is radioactive. Geiger counters do not detect cell phone radiation. Do not detect radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. EMF radiation is emitted from power transformers and other types of power electrical inductors. They cannot detect microwave radiation from a microwave oven. Nor can they detect neutrons. Images Scientific Instruments has a free online radiation penetration calculator you can use. What Geiger Counters Do Not Detect: Radiation Detection, the Geiger Muller (GM) Tubes Geiger Muller Tubes Inexpensive GM tubes like the SBM-20 Russian Geiger counter tube shown to the right, only detect beta, x-ray and gamma radiation. So if your Geiger counter uses one of these styles GM tubes it is blind to all alpha particle radiation. More expensive GM tubes, like the LND-712 Geiger Counter tube shown to the left have a thin mica window that allows alpha particle radiation to penetrate into the interior of the GM tube and ionize the gas for detection. It is generally more fragile than the beta-gamma GM tubes because of the thin mica window. The mica window allows one to detect the alpha radiation from radium and polonium. This type of Geiger counter may also be used for prospecting, experiments, and general field work. In addition, it can measure total radiation from materials including alpha radiation. Most laboratory grade Geiger counters use this style tube.The common thread connecting the types of radiation these geiger counter tubes detect is that the radiation are all ionizing radiation. Meaning they are capable of ionizing the gas atoms inside a GM Tube which allows for their detection, as explained on page 1.

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