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Poker Jet: A New Level of Poker Excitement

The World Poker Tour is the premier mid-major event of the year, traveling around the world to Barcelona, Russia, Las Vegas and more, featuring some of the most talented players at the most luxurious casinos in the world. If you love poker, why not follow the tour in style on your own private jet from Monmouth Executive Airport?

poker jet

Since 2002, the World Poker Tour has been bringing players and fans the most exciting high-stakes poker events in the world, on TV and in person. The buy-ins range from $3,500 to $25,000 and winners get awarded membership to the exclusive WPT Champions Club. The pool changes every year but the biggest win on record goes to Carlos Mortensen, the season 5 championship winner with an incredible $3,970,415 payout.

Floyd Mayweather is making headlines once again, for all the wrong reasons. His recent Instagram post of him and a friend playing a very staged hand of poker on his private jet has attracted criticism for breaching social distancing rules and for obviously not really knowing how poker works.

On some level, he seems destined to take the whole thing down. But then, as often happens in tournament poker, things crumble quickly. Mercier bombs out in eighth place. But there is an upside: He has baskets to shoot, no flights to rejigger and an impending trip to Barcelona for what he and his crowd views as an endless, globe-spanning game of poker.Michael Kaplan is a Cigar Aficionado contributing editor.

Warren Buffett is a famously world-class bridge player, putting in 12 hours a week at the table, often with Bill Gates, and sponsoring the Buffett Cup, which mimics golf's Ryder Cup, except with cards. "Every hand fascinates me," he recently told me, in explaining this obsession. But relatively quietly, over the past seven years he's emerged as the host of one of the planet's most exclusive poker games.

However enticing the $500,000 prize pool--the big winner has the option of ten hours of time on a Bombardier Global 5000, worth $150,000, and the top ten all get something heady--the true stakes are measured in ego. As at the World Series of Poker, Texas Hold 'Em is nothing more than a betting and bluffing game, and tournaments like this appeal to the same primal instincts as in an ancient battle royale, combated via brains and daring. Because the player pool is exclusively comprised of people successful for reasons other than cards, bragging rights feel as tangible as a Main Event winner's bracelet. Plus Buffett lords over all of it, as host, mascot and, most notably, target. Knocking the Oracle of Omaha out of the tournament is the poker equivalent of beating Jack Nicklaus at a charity closest-to-the-hole contest.

But don't tell that to most of the participants, many of whom hone their skills all year in anticipation (the poker room at the Wynn Las Vegas, which hosts the event, was crammed the night before with fractional owners tuning up). All 24 tables were filled right at 10 a.m., when the tournament kicked off. Scoreboards rattled off statistics, and professional poker player Phil Gordon, who often does TV analysis, gave a running commentary.

Unfortunately for me, rather than an A-list patsy, the bounty target at my table was Jordan Mayers, a wealth manager who came in sixth last year and also finished in the money at the World Series of Poker. Not that I didn't give it an early run: I flopped three sevens, with a pair hidden, enticing Mayers to throw in most of his pot--a tactic that turned against me when he nailed a flush on "the river," or last card. (Lucky--or good? That's what makes poker so much fun.)

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Not shy about his bridge skills, Buffett is very self-effacing about his poker prowess. "You will find me about five minutes after the tournament starts on the sidelines--knocked out as usual in the first round," he e-mailed me before the tournament. He later explained the difference between the two card games this way: "I just don't care about poker as much." Temperamentally this makes sense. Buffett's favored holding period for his positions is "forever"; poker demands immediate exploiting or discarding. Traders make great poker players; investors, less so.

By late afternoon the ten finalists took their places at a table set up like a mini-amphitheater, complete with overhead television camera. Buffett had changed out of his poker shirt and watched the proceedings intently. He had a rooting interest. The final two players were Jeff Corzine, son of the embattled former New Jersey governor who ran Goldman Sachs and MF Global, and Sue Decker, the former Yahoo president who's now a Berkshire Hathaway board member. The trader's son versus the investor's advisor. "You know who I'm for," Buffett barked, to laughter.

Charles McRae "Chip" Jett (born September 22, 1974 in Scottsdale, Arizona) is an American professional poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is one of the most popular players on the World Poker Tour.[1]

He is married to fellow poker professional Karina Jett (née Mikelis). In August 2005 they both made the same final table, at the London Open event in Old Billingsgate Market. They had two children together a daughter, Athena and a son, Apollo. Four-year-old Apollo died on September 14, 2010, following an accident in the family pool.[2][3]

Know When to Hold 'Em World Series of Poker bracelet winner Antonio Esfandiari will take Flexjet 25 jet card owners from amateur to ace. Renowned for his expertise and winning strategy at Texas Hold 'Em, the entertaining and charismatic co-star of television's I Bet You and author of New York Times best-seller World Poker Tour': Shuffle Up and Deal will provide the jet card owner and up to three guests the ultimate opportunity to hone their poker skills with a private three-hour lesson at the spectacular Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. From preflop strategy to postflop play, Esfandiari reveals his most coveted secrets, how to achieve the poker mind-set, and an insider's guide to casino etiquette. This memorable experience also includes a personally autographed copy of the champion's newly released DVD, I Bet You: Season 1.

Located below the Parker Dam from Lake Havasu, the Pirate's Den Resort hosts the Parker Jet Ski Poker Run on Saturday, June 3rd. The run consists of five different stops. At each stop, participants pick up one coin. After collecting coins at the various stops, participants bring their coins back to the Pirate's Den. These coins are then exchanged for five cards to create an official poker hand. The best and worst hands win a prize. Several raffles, including a 50/50 raffle, will be conducted throughout the event.

Lee and I both liked poker and had been playing a lot recently. A little card game seemed like the perfect antidote to our dilemma. So we decided to pay our 30 pounds and enter the tournament. There were 50 players, and we were the only ones who would be happy to bust out. Actually, losing was the game plan. All we wanted to do was stay occupied for one hour, and we would be victorious.

Somehow, through a combination of weariness, adrenaline, caffeine, and a little alcohol, I was playing the best poker of my life. My instincts were heightened; I seemed to have a perfect read on every player at the table, my stack growing with every hand. I felt like I was floating in some kind of European poker heaven.

Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire and billionaire businessman Alec Gores were flown by private jet to play in a high-stakes poker game in Texas hosted by one of America's richest men, is reporting.

Later, Jet and Spike learn from watching Big Shot that Faye is worth 6 million Woolongs and they decide to turn her over to the police. Jet inspects the poker chip that Spike picked up and learns that there is a computer chip inside. When Faye learns of the bounty, she is initially disappointed in the amount, expecting more, but then pleads for them not to turn her in. They ignore her. Soon, however, the ship is rocked by collision with Gordon's ship, who promptly demands the chip. Spike refuses, and Jet then explains that they know about the chip. Three years prior, a group at SIT created a master decryption program called "Crypt Breaker" which can decrypt almost any security code. Shortly after its completion, the programmer turns up dead and the program disappears. The catch is, the program itself is encoded, and the computer chip is the key to unlock it. ISSP has been searching everywhere for it, but couldn't find it due to it being hidden in a casino chip. This is where Jet intimates a past involvement with the ISSP. Gordon offers to pay, and they settle on 30 million Woolongs.


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