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Easton Bell
Easton Bell

No Cd Crack Edain Mod ((HOT))

does the edain mod have the no CD fix? since there isnt support for 2.02 im hoping Edain does have it but not expecting it. if not, will a game.dat fix for the vanilla BFME2 work? i saw something about it being illegal and thats why you dont like it, i own the CDs for BFME2 and ROTWK i just dont have a CD drive on my current Computer, best wishes on your awesome mod, last time i played it was probably around 2016, hope to see some improvements, Danke.

No Cd Crack Edain Mod

hey man I have a question about edain mod the game crashes saying error of music then when I remove a file called !vanilla202music.big the game works but there is all pink over the game but the game runs so how can I fix this

*URGENT* After I clicked "fix non-starting games" in the edain patch switcher, it deleted my entire rotwk profile & all the stats/saves/heroes/maps associated with it! Is there any way I can restore my rotwk profile? Please help! I really want my profile back! 350c69d7ab


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