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Who is Gianni Vezzosi? Learn More About His Life and Music Through His Complete Discography

Gianni Vezzosi: The Complete Discography of the Italian Singer

If you are a fan of Italian music, you may have heard of Gianni Vezzosi, a popular singer of the "Canzone Napoletana" (Neapolitan song) genre. He has released many albums and singles over the years, showcasing his talent and passion for music. In this article, we will explore his complete discography, from his debut album in 1992 to his latest release in 2019.

discografia completa gianni vezzosi

Gianni Vezzosi's Early Career

Gianni Vezzosi was born in Naples, Italy, in 1973. He started singing at a young age, influenced by his father who was also a singer. He began performing in local festivals and events, gaining popularity and recognition. In 1992, he released his first album, Vecchi Ricord, with BG Record. The album featured 10 songs, mostly written by himself. The same year, he also collaborated with another singer, Salvo Alessi, on two albums: Ragazzi Uniti 1 and Ragazzi Uniti 2.

Gianni Vezzosi's Rise to Fame

In 1997, Gianni Vezzosi signed with Giesse Record, a label specialized in Neapolitan music. He released his second solo album, Dall'america Vezzosi Vol 2, which was a success both in Italy and abroad. The album contained 10 songs, including some covers of famous Neapolitan songs such as "O surdato 'nnammurato" and "Malafemmena". He also started touring extensively, performing in various countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada and the United States.

In 2003, he released his third solo album, Lettere D'Amore, with Sea Musica. The album featured 10 songs, mostly romantic ballads. The title track was a hit single, reaching the top of the charts in Italy. He also participated in several TV shows and festivals, such as "Festival di Napoli" and "Festa Italiana". He became one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the Neapolitan genre.

Gianni Vezzosi's Recent Works

From 2006 to 2019, Gianni Vezzosi released 15 more albums with Sea Musica and Giesse Record. Some of his most notable albums are: Con Un Bacio (2006), Gli Amori Di Gianni Vezzosi (2011), Spettacolare (2015) and Dall'america Vezzosi (2019). His albums featured a variety of styles and themes, from love songs to social issues. He also collaborated with other artists such as Franco Moreno, Nino D'Angelo and Mauro Nardi.

Some of his most successful singles are: "N8" (2013), "Bomba di sesso" (2019), "Le vele" (2020) and "Ti amo ti amo" (2020). He also continued to perform live in many venues and events, such as "Festival di Sanremo" and "Festa della Musica". He has won several awards and honors for his music career, such as "Premio Carosone" and "Premio Mia Martini". He is considered one of the best representatives of the Neapolitan song tradition.

Gianni Vezzosi's Complete Discography

If you want to listen to all the songs by Gianni Vezzosi, here is a list of his complete discography. You can find his albums and singles on various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon. You can also buy his CDs and vinyls on online stores such as Discogs and eBay. Here are his albums and singles in chronological order:

  • Vecchi Ricord (1992)

  • Ragazzi Uniti 1 (with Salvo Alessi) (1992)

  • Ragazzi Uniti 2 (with Salvo Alessi) (1992)

  • Dall'america Vezzosi Vol 2 (1997)

  • Lettere D'Amore (2003)

  • Con Un Bacio (2006)

  • La Fine Del Mondo (2008)

  • La Mia Firma (2008)

  • Vezzosamente Tuo (2009)

  • Innamorarsi (2009)

  • I Miei Giorni Di Celebrità (2009)

  • Gli Amori Di Gianni Vezzosi (2011)

  • Insieme Con... (2011)

  • Live (2011)

  • Infatuazione (2011)

  • Vecchi Ricord (2011)

  • Magicamente Io (2011)

  • La Signora Vestita di Nero, 2ª parte (2012)

  • Renzo E Lucia (2012)

  • Non posso amare te (2012)

  • Io (2012)

  • Testardo Cuore (Version Originale) (2012)

  • Bella Storia (2012)

  • Storie Di Gente (2012)

  • Oggi Le Canto Così, Vol. 1 (2014)

  • Spettacolare (2015)

  • Dall'america Vezzosi (2019)

Some of his singles are:

  • N8 (2013)

  • Bomba di sesso (2019)

  • Le vele (2020)

  • Ti amo ti amo (2020)

Gianni Vezzosi: A Legend of the Neapolitan Song

Gianni Vezzosi is one of the most talented and successful singers of the Neapolitan song genre. He has a rich and diverse discography, spanning from 1992 to 2019. He has sung about love, passion, joy, sorrow, social issues and more. He has collaborated with many other artists and performed in many venues and events. He has won many awards and honors for his music career. He is a legend of the Neapolitan song, a genre that expresses the culture and identity of Naples and its people.

If you want to discover more about Gianni Vezzosi and his music, you can listen to his complete discography on various platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Amazon. You can also buy his CDs and vinyls on online stores such as Discogs and eBay. You will not regret it! b99f773239


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