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[S5E16] A Chance At A Happy Ending


[S5E16] A Chance At A Happy Ending

At Lux, Lucifer is drinking, staggered by Dan's murder, and the fact he couldn't get enough support to get elected God. Hearing his piano being played off-key, Lucifer finds Michael at it. Furious, Lucifer gets a choke hold on his brother, but Michael suggests no fighting to avoid killing the fragile humans in the room. Lucifer backs down with difficulty. Michael says he comes with an olive branch, He offers Lucifer control of Hell without any interference; while Michael gets Heaven. Lucifer laughs in his face, he had been there and done that. Michael reveals he ordered Dan's death to make Chloe feel guilty; so she will go to Hell upon dying, "Brother, I am offering you a chance at a happy ending. I hope you take it." Michael tells Lucifer the vote will be tomorrow on Earth; since Lucifer will be incinerated if he goes to Heaven because of his banishment. 59ce067264


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