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Angel Bailey
Angel Bailey

Study Bible New King James

Amazing Bible-you won't regret buying it.Wow!I can't believe the quality of this amazing Bible! So glad I chose this one ,and have hardly been able to put it down since it arrived. The layout is perfect, the diverse explanations, illustrations, commentary and exegesis is second to none, and the feel of the pages and text is wonderful. So much time, care and thought has gone into it, I can't fault anything about it. I can't believe it was only 30, it feels as though it should have cost hundreds, if I can talk about the Bible in such terms. The Bible text itself is crystal clear, placed above notes and verse explanations, translations etc. It lays out flat when reading, the text size is great (I don't wear glasses but find small print hard to read ), and the pages turn beautifully. Even though it's a large size, it doesn't feel oversized-I'd be comfortable using it at Church, or even walking about with it, though of course it's a study Bible, so it has some weight to it. I did research on YouTube before choosing this Bible, but the videos don't do it justice -the actual quality has to be experienced. It really opens the Bible up in huge detail without taking away from, or obscuring the actual Bible text, which of course can be read on its own. I can't upload pictures at moment but will do when I can. Can't recommend this Bible enough, and will use this publisher in future ,highly trustworthy.

study bible new king james

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The Bible translation that works best for you is the one you can comfortably learn from and read. Before making a purchase, compare several translations and take a close look at the study guides, maps, and other formats. The NLT reads comfortably and offers a hybrid of word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation, perfect for multiple uses. However, the NKJV takes one of the most popular translations and makes it readable for this century. Choose a version that is appropriate for your reading level and start digging into the word of God.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Formal versions risk miscommunicating the original meaning, think back to the example of love, by seeking a literal word. Yet they can be helpful for studying the formal features of the text. 041b061a72


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