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The Vals also played the Haldern Pop Festival, Burg Herzberg,[12] Golzheim Fest,[13] Château-d'Oex, Hard Working Class Heroes,[14] Arthur's Day, Glasgowbury, Willowstone[15] and many other high-profile festivals throughout this period.

The Vals

Sam, Trish, Beth, and Annie are four Valley Girls bored with shopping and frat parties. They come across kind Mr. Stanton, who is running a home for orphaned boys. Mr. Stanton and his charges are in danger of being evicted from their home if they don't come up with the rent money that is due, and one of the boys has taken to selling drugs for a couple of sleazy dealers. When Trish's prized "TUBUL R" Mercedes convertible is lost in a bet in which their Beverly Hills rivals have cheated, mayhem ensues as the Vals, with the help of their frat boy boyfriends, save Mr. Stanton and his boys from being evicted, give the drug dealers their just desserts, and exact revenge on the Beverly Hills brats in a rematch.

You have just read how persuaders use surveys such as VALS to understand and target audience members. You'll now have the chance to take the VALS survey to see where you fit in the VALS framework. Keep in mind that these categories are only tools of market researchers and that they can't reflect your true attitudes and feelings. Go to and take the online version of the VALS survey. Are you surprised by the results? In what ways could persuaders target you and others in this group?

The first loop clearly runs through the vals array for the number of items in that array. After this, it creates in the newVals 2D array a second dimension that is as long as the value in the input array vals. Thus, for 41, it creates a 3rd row in newVals that is 41 columns wide.

Then, we go to the second loop. This one iterates from 0 to the value stored in the current location in vals. It places in the given 2D array location the multiple of the value. Think of j + 1. This will go from 1 to 41 for the case of 41 (and likewise for all the values). Thus, you create a 2D array with all the multiples of the initial vals array.

Open an interactive application for highlighting specific datasets and properties of these datasets. datasets is a vector of anything from DynamicalSystems.jl that supports plot_dataset (currently Dataset or Matrix). Each dataset corresponds to a specific value from vals (a Vector{ 041b061a72


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