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The fiber optic tree features a gold column base. Ever-changing multicolor fiber lights shine from this tree creating a sparkling seasonal decoration. Display this bright and colorful holiday decoration on a tabletop or in a secondary or child's room.


The fiber optic tree features an ornate gold column base and 50 multicolor LED lights for added bursts of color. Interior bulb provide ever-changing multicolor fiber lights to shine from this tree. A bright and colorful addition to traditional holiday decorating.

This tree is a great supplement to your traditional holiday evergreen tree. Ever-changing color fiber lights shine from this tree creating a sparkling seasonal decoration. Includes four leg column base and top star. Nothing brightens a room like a glittering, color-changing fiber optic decoration.

Choosing a fibre optic Christmas tree offers your living space a touch of festive magic with its ambient twinkle and color changing effects. These trees are super easy to set up and don't usually require decorating as the sparking fibres are entwined into the branches of the tree for maximum effect.

Fibre optic trees are handy for many room sizes and create a great focal point in any area. Smaller trees are also ideal for placing on desktops, shelves and tabletops when decorating the home or the office.

Many fibre optic trees have different modes so you can enjoy a variety of ambient festive settings. Popular optic features include flash modes, chasing lights, fade settings and twinkling effect. Trees are available in a wide selection of sizes from smaller 3ft models to larger 6ft trees. You can choose from several light colors too including multicolored and white. Fibre optic Christmas trees are also available in traditional green, black and white so you can match to your room or interior decor.

Fibre optics trees make the perfect Christmas tree for any home and office environment. If you don't have time to spare decorating several trees, this tree makes the ideal alternative to plain and real Christmas trees. Tree branches are generally easy to bend so you can shape them beautifully and they are easy to set up with just a few simple assembly points.

For office spaces, fibre optic trees are ideal for desks and reception areas and dependant on the size, don't require too much space, but still offer an ideal festive ambience. There is also a variety of battery operated trees so you are not restricted as to where to place them.

This recall involves Bits and Pieces Fiber Optic indoor plug in Christmas tree. The full foliage branches have fiber optic light strands that change color. Each tree comes with an AC power adapter that is attached to the gold tone colored base that holds the tree in place. The AC power adapter plugs into a standard household outlet. The 18 inch tall tree item number is 43560 and weighs about three pounds. The 31 inch tall tree item number is 43559 and weighs about four pounds. The item numbers can be found on the UPC barcode label on the box.

Dazzle and delight your family, friends, and guests this Christmas with a magical fiber optic tree from Fraser Hill Farm. Watch in amazement as LED lights dance across a rainbow of colors, creating a unique light show all season long. This 7.5-ft. snow-flocked fiber optic tree features 78 multi-color LED bulbs with 21 light functions set on a timer for hassle-free enjoyment. Over 1,500 high-quality PE/PVC needle tips create a full, lush tree you will enjoy year after year. With easy 3-piece assembly, you'll never have to shop, chop, or water another tree again! Put away the vacuum, prop up your feet, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind light show in the comfort of your home.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the sparkly cheer of fiber optics. This patent from 1973 is one of the earliest of many for various fiber-optic Christmas tree set-ups. As the inventors, Albert V. Sadacca and Bernard Paulfus, both of Illinois, explain, "Recently, ornamental or display lighting and lamps employing optic fibers have become quite popular. ... This invention provides an artificial Christmas tree employing a fiber optic illumination system which takes advantage of the lighting effect of a pin point-like spray of lights."

Fiber Optic Christmas trees include fiber optic strands that are woven into the construction of the trees. The base contains a halogen bulb that when plugged in will create illumination throughout the tree. Assemble by following the instructions included with your tree.

An artificial Christmas tree is an artificial pine or fir tree manufactured for the specific purpose of use as a Christmas tree. The earliest artificial Christmas trees were wooden, tree-shaped pyramids or feather trees, both developed by Germans. Most modern trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but many other types of trees have been and are available, including aluminum Christmas trees and fiber-optic illuminated Christmas trees.

Trends in artificial tree consumption have constantly evolved and a number of designer and other types of artificial Christmas trees have appeared on the market. Fiber optic trees come in two major varieties, one resembles a traditional Christmas tree.[17] The other type of fiber optic Christmas tree is one where the entire tree is made of wispy fiber optic cable, a tree composed entirely of light.[17] David Gutshall, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, received a patent for the latter type of fiber optic tree in 1998.[20] 041b061a72


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