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[S1E4] Just Let Go

[S1E4] Just Let Go ===>

[S1E4] Just Let Go

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The episode starts off simply, with Blythe just walking Zoe down the sidewalk. Zoe reveals to the audience that she has a sister named Gail, and is excited about getting to introduce her to Blythe later in the day. La de da, polite chatter, until Zoe notices Gail trapped inside Largest Ever Pet Shop daycare, looking very depressed. Dun dun dun!

Zoe confirms that it's Gail from that fabulous collar, and the two notice something else; THEY HAVE A FREAKING ROBOT SECURITY SYSTEM. Not just cameras or anything. I'm talking a mobile, vaguely humanoid robot that talks. Why Why is that necessary Couldn't such a discovery be used for something more important No matter, Blythe tries to go into the store and inform them of what is clearly an obvious mix up. Suddenly, the Biskits.

This isn't too much of a setback for their plans, though, because Pepper and Vinnie were only needed for something they didn't end up having to do. Russell goes through the plan again, and then Minka pulls a Leeroy Jenkins on them and rushes in. The Biskits spot her through the security camera, and after mentally asking themselves what the flying feather just happened, they tell Monban to capture the monkey in aisle 8. No wait, aisle 7, no wait, aisle 9, no wait, aisle 10 Aisle 11 Minka is eventually cornered when she runs to the daycamp center and is caged up. This basically sums her up except for being an artist, yeah.

Russell comes up with a Plan C now. If Penny Ling just reverses the polarity of the neutron flow cash register, that should send a signal at the right frequency to shut off Monban and I didn't pay attention to the rest because I'm too busy being amazed that they made a Doctor Who reference. Blythe says she has something simpler in mind. She walks in and distracts Monban while Zoe sneaks by. Monban runs down the hall while shouting "Stop! Resistance is futile useless!". Q and Star Wars ending in The Return Of Harmony and this Something tells me that Mitch Larson is a science fiction fan. Zoe gets there and nearly busts them out... but her favorite song comes on again, and she can't resist the music. Chekhov's Gun No. 1, checked off. The Biskits find Blythe, who receives a double ban from the Largest Ever Pet Shop.

Monban's battery runs low, and while he's charging up, Penny Ling goes in with her ribbons. She gets tangled up with them and some boxes, but she figures that Monban is off, and therefore there's nothing to worry about. Her reduced speed proves to be her downfall, and Monban finishes charging just in time to stop her from letting the pets go. Well shit. Now we are down to Blythe, Russell, and Sunil.

I wasn't a big fan of Dragonshy, but I imagine this is what the fans of that episode saw when Fluttershy stood up to the dragon. I promised that I would explain why everybody loves Sunil so much, and this is why. His transformation from coward to warrior is just awesome, and the amazing backing music doesn't hurt matters. He murders the pet toys and food and then just tops it off by hypnotizing the Biskits in a flash and throwing the headphones on Monban like a boss.

These are clones. A clone is a living thing, genetically identical to another living thing. You and I are one of a kind. But what if you were not What if we could make a duplicate of you Genetically exact. Should we People fear genetically engineered clones. What an individual still be individual. See it may be possible to use the same techniques that we use to clone a new person to instead rebuild or repair organs or even cure genetic diseases. The things we're talking about are microsc


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