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TRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure GeoTour is a 30 geocache GeoTour based around the Ft. Worth, Texas area and the Trinity Trails system. This 70 mile Trinity Trail GeoTour will give you and your family a tour of the beautiful area and all of the historical hidden gems on this great trail through Ft. Worth. This GeoTour is separated into 3 sections, History, The Trail, and Just For Fun. Complete and answer the questions in all 30 caches to get your award for completion.

geotours answer

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Earthcaches in Lassen VolcanicEarthcaching enthusaists have created a number of virtual caches within the park. These caches require seekers to answer questions using information available at each cache. Although these caches are not maintained by the park, rangers are happy to assist you if possible. You can view a map of virtual caches within the park on or learn more about earthcaching at

Over time, coral reefs accumulate on the seabed and become buried by other sediments. As more and more sediment is deposited on top, the weight of that sediment compacts the reef material. In addition, the original calcium carbonate from marine organisms (coral polyps) acts as a cement between sedimentary particles. The result of compaction and cementation converts reef sediments into the rock called limestone.When sea level is stationary, reefs will grow laterally in a seaward direction as reef sediments accumulate. Over long periods of time reef sediments will accumulate and the growing pile will build up in a seaward direction. Over time, this reef material will build broad shoals and platforms just below and near the ocean's surface. However, if sea level rises and reefs are submerged by deep water, they will die. The deep water isolates them from the necessary solar light and warm water conditions they require. Similarly, a drop in sea level could leave them exposed on land.Completing this Earthcache:Photos (optional): You may include with your log, a photo of you and your party, or just your GPSr, in front of the wall with the large green metal fish mounted on it. The wall is 15-20 feet south of the provided compass rose coordinates. Or, you may simply include in your EMail to us the coordinates inscribed on the Compass Rose?To get credit for completing this Earthcache, please submit to us through our Profile an EMail with your answers to the following questions:1. At the provided Trailhead waypoint you will be able to view the bay. Which type of bottom do you think is present here. Hardbottom with thin sediments, or Seagrass Meadows with thick bottom sediments?2. Mangrove trees play a very important role in minimizing a damaging process that can change the geology (soils or sediments) in the area. What process is this?3. Do seagrasses grow in hardbottom areas with soft corals and sponges?4. Which type of Limestone are Elliott Key and the northern Florida Keys made up of?5. Hermatypic Coral polyps secrete a substance which acts as a cement between sedimentary particles. Then over time, the compaction and cementation converts reef sediments into the rock called limestone. What is the name of that substance?


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