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Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz: A Comprehensive Review of the 11th Edition

Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz: A Comprehensive Review of the 11th Edition

Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that studies the behavior and performance of the economy as a whole. It examines aggregate indicators such as GDP, unemployment, inflation, and trade balance, as well as the policies that affect them. Macroeconomics is essential for understanding the causes and consequences of economic fluctuations, growth, and development.

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One of the most popular and widely used textbooks in macroeconomics is Macroeconomics by Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer, and Richard Startz. The book was first published in 1978 and has since been revised and updated several times. The latest edition, the 11th edition, was published in 2010 by McGraw-Hill.

What makes this book stand out from other macroeconomics textbooks is its balanced and rigorous approach to macroeconomic theory and policy. The book covers both the short-run and the long-run aspects of macroeconomics, as well as the open economy and international issues. The book also incorporates the most current research and data available, while maintaining a clear and accessible exposition. The book uses a model-based approach to macroeconomic analysis and shows how different models are connected and can be used to address various economic problems.

The 11th edition of Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz has several new features and improvements over the previous editions. Some of them are:

  • A new chapter on financial crises and stabilization policies, which discusses the recent global financial crisis and its aftermath.

  • A revised chapter on economic growth, which includes new material on endogenous growth theory, human capital accumulation, and convergence.

  • A revised chapter on money and inflation, which incorporates new insights from monetary theory and policy.

  • A revised chapter on fiscal policy, which emphasizes the role of fiscal institutions and rules in ensuring fiscal sustainability.

  • A revised chapter on exchange rates and the balance of payments, which covers the recent developments in exchange rate regimes and currency crises.

  • A revised chapter on developing countries, which includes new topics such as poverty traps, microfinance, and foreign aid.

The 11th edition of Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz also comes with a number of supplementary materials for instructors and students. These include an instructor's manual, a test bank, a PowerPoint presentation, an online learning center, and a companion website. The book is also compatible with various online platforms such as Connect Economics, Aplia, Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Moodle, and Brightspace.

In conclusion, Macroeconomics by Dornbusch, Fischer, and Startz is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook that covers all the major topics and issues in modern macroeconomics. It is suitable for intermediate-level undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses in macroeconomics. It is also a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners who want to keep up with the latest developments in macroeconomic theory and policy. e0e6b7cb5c


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