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Allans Blog ? Agile, Lean, Patterns: Software Has Diseconomies Of Scale ? Not Economies Of Sc

(Economies of scope and specialisation are also closely related to economies of scale and again on the whole, software development has diseconomies of scope (be more specific) and diseconomies of specialisation (generalists are usually preferable to specialists).)

allan’s blog – Agile, Lean, Patterns: Software has diseconomies of scale – not economies of sc


However be careful: once the software is developed then economies of scale are rampant. The world switches. Software which has been built probably exhibits more economies of scale than any other product known to man. (In economic terms the marginal cost of producing the first instance are extremely high but the marginal costs of producing an identical copy (production) is so close to zero as to be zero, Ctrl-C Ctrl-V.)

But in the world of software development this mindset is a recipe for failure and under performance. The conflict between economies of scale thinking and diseconomies of scale working will create tension and conflict.


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