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Weather Animated Widgets Premium V11.4 Apk [TOP]

With the convenient home screen widgets being featured in, Android users can now follow the weather updates and forecasts, using their on-screen windows instead of having to open the app. Here, provides you with different widgets for the real-time weather maps, detailed weather forecasts, and interesting news articles that you can enjoy reading on the go.

Weather Animated Widgets Premium v11.4 Apk

This is the most important feature of the Android 12 Widget Pack. Because users can adjust the forms that appear on their lock screen and home screen after unlocking. For example, with the lock screen, you can put the time widget in the form of numbers or a clock. Easily track weather information on widgets that are quickly updated without having to unlock your phone.

Protect yourself, your family, and friends using the important weather alerts. Select between worldwide areas including your local and foreign locations to track their weathers. Have access to convenient widgets and custom features, which you can make uses of to enjoy the better weather app. The list goes on.

With the different weather widgets available for Overdrop users, you can now freely switch between widgets and enable any of them at the home screen for better uses of the application. Enjoy working with the forecasts, live weather updates, and other features right at the home screen without having to open the app.

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the awesome mobile application of Overdrop in many different theme settings, not just the two simple black and white options. Here, the app lets you change your in-app experiences with cool Serenity, Realistic, Amoled, Space, Tranquility, and many other amazing themes, which you can simply select and enable on the go. Not to mention that the different themes are now available on your multiple weather widgets in Overdrop, making the app a lot more fun and interesting for you to work with.

Get accurate local or worldwide weather forecasts easily with live weather updates, hourly and daily weather forecasts and timely weather alerts. Check the weather for today, tomorrow or the weekend with our easy to use app and widgets


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