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Script Autobet Free !LINK!BitCoin

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contrary to coinpot who scam people after a year of use i still think freebitco is legit and well, i am sorry that happened to you at first i did loose all my satoshis many times but now i know how to avoid it 8/10 so first of all if you play every hours even everyday you have a lot of chance to loose on the other hand if you do like me and when you win big wait 24 h even 48 h it depends your bankroll and how you much you bet also i combine with betting and guess what with 0.00098 i i got now 4/5 0.012 so you can still win but you cannot be too greedy some people paly every 6 hours also but again it depends my bankroll and how much i bet i insist on this. so my advice if you double your bankroll for instance then bet but stop playing at least for 24 h or even more 48 hours i hope i ll help some of you and i do not promote betting or gabling such dice game eventhough freebitco like all dice game will active a script ( speedbot) and you can loose everything in 5 sc instead to have 1 or 2 rolls in sc you have 10 even 15 rolls and you have not time to stop so it will activated if you win big but if you stop for at least 24 h to be more safe 48 h the script will should be desactivated. again i do not promote gambling or betting play safely and be patient and do not be too greedy good luck all of you

i've looked at a couple of dozen freebitco scripts on various scripts sites but this one is the only one i've seen that works as well as the website itself. since the website has received a few updates lately, i'm posting this review here. the website doesn't have a detailed help section or instructions on how to use it. i will be posting an update once i've gotten it going. for now, i'm going to just list all the options you have with this script in the readme file. i'll come back with another update later. 3d9ccd7d82


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