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Morris Press Cookbooks makes publishing a custom school cookbook easy. We provide 3 ways to submit recipes, many cover designs, divider sets, options, and FREE features to make a one-of-a-kind cookbook.


A cookbook fundraiser can be an interesting, profitable way to raise money for your group; and the added benefit is that you get to create a product that promotes pride and community, while leaving a lasting legacy!

Online cookbook fundraiser companies offer support, online resources, programs and downloads. Basically, your group collects the recipes, turns them over to the company, and they do the rest. Some provide software that you use to enter recipes and then the company will organize and print the cookbook. Additionally, some companies offer both services (you do the typing and entry or they will), but also offer a discount if your group does the entry work.

Providers of cookbook fundraiser software offer a program similar to that used by the online companies with entry fields that automatically format recipes; but you do not have to be online to use it (similarly, some online programs can be downloaded for use offline and then the data can be uploaded later). After the information is entered and proofed, your group handles the printing and binding.

The downside to a software cookbook fundraiser is that your group is responsible for all the work, and the cost of printing, ink, papers, and binders may be higher than ordering through a dedicated cookbook fundraiser company. The upside, though is that there is never a minimum order because you control the process.

Fundraising cookbooks also make impressive and unique presents. A school fundraising cookbook is an ideal gift for parents and grandparents, especially when they open them up to find one of their own recipes inside.

Finding the right price for your fundraising cookbook is essential. Choose a price that will be low enough to attract your supporters but also high enough to make sure you smash your fundraising goals.

If you are unsure about how to price your fundraising cookbook, why not visit a local bookstore or look online to compare the prices of cookbooks in the current market. Remember if you include some extras in your cookbook, such as recipes by celebrities you can price your fundraising cookbook higher.

If you can get a few influencers, celebrities, or musicians to contribute recipes to your fundraising cookbook, even better! Depending on your theme, for example, a Golf fundraising cookbook, you could get a couple of famous golfers to contribute recipes.

You have your perfect fundraising cookbook and demand is growing to purchase it, so where can you direct your supporters to get hold of a copy? Our simple eCommerce stores are the answer to getting your organization set up and selling quickly, with little effort.

Fundraising cookbooks have been around forever simply because they work. Everyone enjoys eating, cooking food, or both. And, as a fundraising cookbook encapsulates both of these great pastimes, you are set for success if you decide to create one for your charity campaign.

The past two years has reintroduced many to the kitchen and home cooking has seen an uprise for many. It is our hope that you will be compelled to share your recipes with us for this fundraiser. Cookbooks make a great gift for all occasions and are one-of-a-kind for sure. If you have friends or relatives who lived in Page County who may like to contribute a recipe, please pass this information along to them. All recipe submissions should be submitted as soon as possible to reserve your spot, we look forward to this adventure and appreciate your contributions and support.

Are you pondering ideas for fundraising? You can stop here. Fundcraft Publishing can show you how to have success in fundraising cookbooks. How Much Money Can We Raise? Just about as much as you want to raise! The only limit to your fundraising potential with the Fundcraft Cookbook Program is determined by the amount of money you need and the number of members you will have selling your exclusive cookbook.

Please note we have lots of different categories and you can send in multiple entries: soups, appetizers, salads, meat dishes, poultry, fish & seafood, vegetables & legumes, egg & cheese, pasta-grains & rice, tacos & enchiladas, sauces-dips & dressings, breads, desserts, beverages and any others you think we might have missed.Submit recipes to THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The Alabama Room, located inside the Hayneville/Lowndes County Public Library, is a not-for-profit organization that provides genealogical research books and materials to help trace family history as well as preserve that history. The project relies solely on donations and fundraisers to survive.

The spiral-bound cookbook comes with a foldable stand for $15 and can be purchased on the Hawaiian Electric website. Orders received by Nov. 20 will be delivered within the state before the Christmas holidays. Contact the company with questions via email to or by leaving a message at 808-543-2555.

A cookbook compiled of favorite recipes from Jenks employees. A fun way to support the Care Crew program that provides assistance to JPS employees who have suddenly fallen ill, lost a loved one, and/or going through tough times. Enjoy these delicious recipes and know that you are helping others. Makes for a great gift too!

A church cookbook fundraiser is a project in which church members sell and/or publish a cookbook to raise money for their organization. A church cookbook fundraiser can take many forms, but most often, the books are compiled by volunteers as part of an ongoing fundraising project.

Hosting a cookbook fundraiser on a fixed date ensures that it remains top of mind at all times and ensures that you reach all members of your church. It also makes it easier to plan and coordinate with other church events that may be happening around the same time.Choose the Right Participants and CategoriesThe first step in planning a church cookbook fundraiser is deciding who will be involved in the process. This can be an expansive group or a more narrow subset of your congregation. You should start with a smaller number and ease into a larger scale if your first event proves successful.

The main categories are:Kitchen-bound: These participants have neither the time nor the ability to participate in the cookbook process. They are, however, eager to provide monetary contributions to the campaign.Active participants: These members have the time and ability to participate in the creation of the cookbook. They may or may not be able to contribute financially, depending on their situations and level of commitment.

$10: This contribution level is great for people who would love to contribute more but have limited means. It allows them to contribute a bit more and help out their congregation.$20: The $20 level of contribution is ideal for people who are passionate about the fundraiser and want to contribute substantially to the campaign.

A very wide variety of recipes: If your members are not actively moderating submissions and encouraging a certain level of uniformity in the recipes, the church cookbook may be full of wildly different and unrelated recipes. The cookbook can lose its cohesion as a result.Too many overly complicated recipes: If only a few members submit many complicated or lengthy recipes, it may be difficult for the remaining members to submit them promptly. You may also end up with a very large, unwieldy book.

It is important to define your process and goals before beginning the campaign. What do you want the final cookbook to be? What do you want the members to experience in the process? What do you want to achieve with the campaign?

Sell the Cookbook: One of the most obvious ways to make money with a church cookbook is to sell it. You can sell the cookbooks at your church, as well as at community events or other places where your members will have access to potential customers.Sell the Recipes: You can also make money with the church cookbook by selling the recipes. If someone buys the whole cookbook, you can always sell the recipes as a separate item. This is a great way to help your customers get more use out of the book.

Donate the Cookbook: Another way to make money with a church cookbook is to donate it to your local community. You can donate the cookbook to your local food bank or other organization that provides meals to those in need.

Sell Ad Space: Another way to make money with a church cookbook is to sell ad space in the book. This is especially effective if you have a large cookbook with many pages.Create Special Editions: Another way to make money with a church cookbook is to create special editions to raise money.Use the Cookbook as a Raffle Prize: Finally, one of the best ways to make money with a church cookbook is to use it as a raffle prize.

New Voices is excited to announce that we will be organizing a holiday cookbook as one of our Fall semester fundraisers. This cookbook will contain recipes from faculty, staff, and students from our represented departments of English, Modern and Classical Languages, and Communication. To help build the contents of this holiday cookbook, we are announcing a call for recipes.

If you have any questions or if you would like to pre-order a copy of this holiday cookbook, please feel free to contact the New Voices Planning Committee and check back often for more updates on this project.

In the fall, students participated in a special fundraiser, selling 93 copies of the Farming Feeds Alabama cookbook. Alabama Farmers Federation District 6 Director Phillip Hunter recently presented the prize money to chapter adviser Leslee Hunter and her students for selling more than other participating schools. 041b061a72


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