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Filibuster Obstructa Theme (Battle Cats) High Quality Free

  • Turns out, The Battle Cats actually has some pretty darn good music. The intro theme that plays while the conquest of the Battle Cats is being explained does a pretty good job of making an army of adorable cats actually seen threatening.

  • The main battle theme, a relaxing, jazzy marching song that's perfect for invading (insert name of poor country here).

  • On the opposite side of the spectrum, the alternate battle theme is an impossibly chill synthesizer remix of the main battle theme that makes you wonder if you're fighting or lounging.

  • The third battle theme is peppy, stylish, and has a few suspenseful parts, fitting the long, dangerous stages where it tends to play.

  • The fourth theme is considerably slower and less upbeat than the others, being a percussion-heavy piece with tribal-sounding instruments, but just because it's relaxed does not mean the level will be any easier.

  • The Rush theme, a faster-paced remix of the main battle theme that conveys the "Oh, Crap!" feeling when a new boss enemy you were not prepared for appears and delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to all your cats.

  • This theme that plays on the Moon levels and some other harder levels. Grandiose strings backed up by an arsenal of xylophones and wind instruments emphasizes the finality of the Moon levels and their lethal bosses.

  • The theme of the Challenge Stage, an upbeat and catchy synth song perfect for charging the enemy base with your Cat army (whether or not you're prepared enough).

  • The Ending theme gives an emotional feeling of nostalgia and completion.

  • The battle theme of the Into the Future levels is an upbeat, high-energy song using futuristic synthesizers backed by occasional horns, it makes rushing the enemy base with a horde of powered-up cats even more satisfying. Also worth a mention is the second battle theme, a catchy, fast trumpet piece.

  • The Boss theme of the Into the Future Moon Bosses is possibly the most suspenseful song in the game. A grandiose symphony of strings and trumpets backed by synthesizers and booming percussion embodies the scale and difficulty of these otherworldly bosses.

  • The theme that used to play during the boss battles against the Crazed/Manic Cats, the Cyclones, and the advent bosses, a slightly modified variation of Carl Orff's "O Fortuna". The Ominous Latin Chanting really emphasizes the power of the bosses and how much of a mistake it was to challenge them. With the 10.7 update came a new theme to replace "O Fortuna" thanks to copyright business, and thankfully it's just as powerful and imposing as its predecessor.

  • Gamatoto's theme is just full of derpy innocence and charm.

  • The theme that plays in the Catclaw Dojo sounds amazingly energetic, and perfectly emphasizes the time trial nature of the level.

  • The Japanese version got this electro-dubstep remix of the main theme for the Annihilation City Collab, and it is amazing.

  • Cats of the Cosmos got an incredibly funky techno remix of the main battle theme, which trades the traditional instruments for electronic sounds, with ear-satisfying results. The alternate battle theme is worth a mention too, being a high-energy, cheerful, and fast-paced electronic piece.

  • This theme that plays whenever a high-level boss shows up in Space. Incredibly high-energy and catchy yet intense enough to tell you that these enemies mean business, it sounds like something straight out of a space battle video game.

  • The final level of Cats of the Cosmos, The Big Bang, brings us this godly orchestral theme. This grandiose, impossibly suspenseful theme wouldn't be out of place in a JRPG or an Anime, and the fact that it plays in The Battle Cats of all things makes it all the more awesome.

  • Filibuster Obstructa, the Bonus Boss of Cats of the Cosmos, comes with a dramatic battle theme which really gives the impression of a decisive battle against a reality-ending menace.

  • The theme that plays during the Powerpro Baseball Collab is blood-pumpingly energetic and rousing.

  • All four songs from the Evangelion Collab ooze with the same intensity and magnificence as the songs they were derived from. And then we got a visual remake of the original OP along with Yoko Takahashi herself replacing all the original lyrics with nyaas. It's either the most awesome or the funniest song ever.

  • The final level of Stories of Legend, Eldritch Forces, brings us a grand, orchestral remix of the original Moon Theme. It encapsulates the feeling of fighting the Final Boss of the gargantuan Stories of Legend, Mecha-Bun, and is sure to make anyone nostalgic for the first time they took down the Final Boss of Empire of Cats.

  • The new story mode, Uncanny Legends, brings us another, more traditional-styled but no less intense remix of the Moon theme, perfect for the ancient beasts that you'll fighting in the Uncanny Legends.

  • The theme of the Uncanny Legends stages is very tribal-sounding, with booming percussion and traditional-sounding instruments giving it an ancient and menacing aura.

  • The Final Boss of the Heavenly Tower on Floor 50 comes with a climactic, intense battle theme that perfectly conveys the feeling of finality.

  • The Aku World theme, a cartoonish yet evil-sounding battle theme that fits the Aku enemies perfectly.

  • Upon stepping into the second subchapter of Zero Legends, you're introduced with this remix of the main battle theme, whose funky and all-over-the-place instruments and sounds reflects the Legend Saga that starts bringing all different kinds of enemies from all corners of the game, even the various Final Bosses, Optional Bosses, and Super Bosses of the game, for you to fight once more.

Filibuster Obstructa Theme (Battle Cats) High Quality




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