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Free Text Expansion App For Mac |BEST|

First on the list is Text Blaze. Now, you might have noticed that this is Text Blaze's blog, so it's safe to assume that we're a little biased. However, as our users will tell you, Text Blaze is truly a great text expander that helps people save hours of their time and be productive.

Free Text Expansion App For Mac

Many of us will need to send the same text relatively frequently. An example is giving visitors our address and directions. I include directions for public transit, cycling and driving, and the whole thing amounts to seven paragraphs. Now I type four characters and the whole thing unfurls.

As well as making it simple for you to insert text snippets, the aText app also lets you add images and multimedia content to your shortcuts. Its autocorrect function will help you out by correcting misspelled words. Plus, you can organize all your shortcuts into groups and subgroups.

Espanso is an open-source text expander with similar capabilities to other text expander tools. Because the app uses a code-based method for creating shortcuts, you might need to be a bit more technologically savvy to feel comfortable using it.

Pricing: The basic free version gives you a limited number of snippets, some snippet sharing, and trial forms support. You'll need to pay for a subscription for access to more snippets and full forms support.

This user-friendly app has many of the typical text expander features, including shortcuts, templates with fill-in fields, and date and time macros. You can sync your snippets on multiple Macs by using your preferred cloud service.

Having a way to automatically type words that you keep misspelling, or phone numbers and email addresses that you have to get right, is one reason to buy a Mac. Windows users have to buy third-party apps which can't work in every situation, but the Mac has what's called text replacement built right into its core.

The latter is called the trigger phrase, it's what you actually type to make all of this happen. Then the former is sometimes called the snippet, it's the piece of text that you want to appear when you type the trigger.

The very first text expander for Mac of its kind, TypeIt4Me speeds up your typing. It does this by instantly replacing your short abbreviations with longer snippets of text and / or pictures. Once the app is installed and launched, leave it running quietly in the background to help you type more quickly and accurately.

Elsewhere on this site, I covered a variety of different hacks and tricks you can implement using a tool like Textexpander. Textexpander is one of many text replacement tools available on the web. They all have varying capabilities and pricing levels, but they all do basically the same thing; they allow you to type a short word or key-phrase and have it automatically replaced with a full block of text.

Keyboard Maestro is one of the more robust Mac text expanders. In addition to text expansion, it has help documentation, a machine learning and macro production set, a MIDI support system, touch bar support, the ability to send SMS and iMessages, and a whole lot more.

One of the most common use cases for text expansion is simply crafting unique emails based on common phrases and information, without needing to use templates. Emailmate is a powerful tool that allows you to do just that. Think of it like a cross between a text expander and a template engine, with many of the best features of both. I highly recommend you try it out.

Save time typing by expanding short abbreviations into entire e-mails, code snippets, or often repeated paragraphs. QuickKey allows you to insert expanded text into any app with a simple keyboard shortcut. With support for multiple placeholders, you can compose custom messages in seconds. Plus, our free companion app for iOS makes it easy to insert your snippets on the go. Make your life easier with QuickKey.

Think of how many things you type over and over on a regular basis; your email address is a good example. Some of us type phrases like "Let me know what you think" multiple times a day. Text expansion allows you to type a few letters instead of that whole phrase.

It gets even better than that. Most text expansion apps offer you the ability to insert more than just text. For example, you could create a form-fill profile by inserting your name, a tab, the first line of your address, two more tabs, and your postcode. Or you can insert the item on your clipboard in the middle of a phrase. Instead of typing "Check out the page at" you could just type "slink" and have the link on your clipboard automatically filled in.

You can insert some dynamically generated text as well, such as the current date or time, and you can also set up your text expansion program to do autocorrecting for you, if you regularly spell the same words incorrectly.

For example, if you frequently type a phrase such as "Let me know what you think", you can create a rule that will replace ";lmk" with the expanded version. Now, whenever you type ";lmk", it gets replaced with "Let me know what you think". All you have to do is enter a space, a period, or an exclamation point after it, and the text expands.

To create a new rule, double-click on the next blank line of click the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen. Add your shortcut text into the Replace column and type out the full text you want it to expand to into the With column.

New features in version 16No more typing the same phrase again!The text expander software PhraseExpress manages frequently used text templates for use in any program.The autotext software is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and iPhone/iPad.Phrases can be shared in the cloud or with a Microsoft SQL Server. Try Now Buy NowUniversal Text Snippet ManagerSpeed up your typing in any program, such text editors, email programs, web browsers, database applications, EMR, etc.Organize text snippets in customizable categories for instant access.PhraseExpress can save hours of typing in help desk, call center, law offices, expert appraisers and medical transcription.Text Expander BenefitsPhraseExpress offers a variety of benefits in the enterprise:Time savings: By using text blocks, employees can save time by not having to write repetitive texts from scratch. Instead, they can use pre-defined blocks that they can easily customize.

Consistent quality : A text block management system helps to maintain consistency in terms of style, tone, and language for the texts used within the company. This leads to better readability and a consistent appearance.

I'd like to give a shout out to @terzi_federico for creating Espanso: , an Open Source text expander. Gotta love tools like these. I've just installed it and already know that it'll save me hours and hours! :)

One of my favourite free productivity tools is espanso It's a text expander. I mostly use it to write out quick text snippets such as:My current IP, Today's date, Generic XSS payloads, Code snippets, Email templatesIt's so good!

Discovered today. Fantastic tool for snippet expansion: Cross Platform and Open Source. Converted 50% of my TextExpander snippets so far. Still many to go. Will it become my goto? I don't know \_(ツ)_/ Trial commences!

I have been using @terzi_federico's espanso for replacing text with emojis (e.g., :cowboy hat face: => ?), and it's fantastic. As a text expander, it can do a lot more than just that. Check it out!

If you use the computer a lot, you know the tedium of typing emails, websites, and other pieces of text over and over again. Modern technology provided a great solution: text expanders. They enable quick typing through simple keyboard commands.

As far as easy text expanders go, FastFox is a favorite among writers. It contains the most basic automation tools Windows and Mac users could possibly need. There's much more you can do than fill in phrases through shortcuts or smart autocompletion.

In terms of text expansion, the simpler design of FastKeys lets you create shortcuts for common phrases without getting into complex scripting. While there is a free trial on offer, you can only use the full version of FastKeys if you buy a lifetime license for personal or corporate use.

That said, if typing and getting things done quickly is your only interest, a personal $19 account is a good choice. You get access to text expansion and shortcuts. You can record common actions on your PC as macros. And you can even execute tasks through mouse gestures.

PhraseExpress also offers cross-platform compatibility, opening its doors to Windows, Mac, and iOS users. Apart from text expansion through shortcuts and autocompletion, you can correct spelling, import phrases from MS Word, make good use of your clipboard, and even protect shared folders with passwords.

From your answers, you should be able to find out which of our suggested text expansion apps suits you best. Either dig deeper into their text expansion tools or use them as inspiration as you keep searching for the most effective and convenient automation system.

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