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Syracuse China

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You can find most of the records and Chinaware in the Onondaga Historical Association. Syracuse, china, did the keeping ensuring the proper preservation of a very historical era in the history of Syracuse, New York, and America at large.

Shop for dinner plates, serving platters, cups, mugs, onion soup bowls, saucers and apppetizer plates from Syracuse China. They design and manufacture china specifically for the foodservice industry. Syracuse China prides itself on quality, service, selection, reliability, and responsiveness to new trends in food presentation, styles colors and shapes.

Today, younger generations who have inherited these old sets of china wonder as to the origin. They also wonder whether their particular set has any value. Such a set is owned by one of our readers who inherited her china from her mother. Decorated with the primary colors of red, green, yellow, and blue on a cream-colored background, this particular set has a phoenix in the center, a popular motif used by many manufacturers of china, stoneware, and porcelain.

Syracuse China also made fine decorated translucent china for home use which was very popular. In addition to finding discontinued china online through matching services, there are often opportunities at yard sales, estate sales, and antique shops to find wonderful large sets of older china.r

The Dewitt Clinton pattern, made by the Syracuse China company from approximately 1897-1937, is sometimes referred to as railroad china because it was used in the dining cars of trains. With rounded, chip-resistant edges, it was popular for hotel, restaurant, and institutional use as well.

While I would almost never say a specific piece of china or dishware or kitchenware might poison you because of the lead content, I think it is very important that we make informed choices as consumers. Lead is one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. Once given the knowledge, why would we choose items with any lead for our kitchen or dining room

I have some syracuse china handed down to me from my great grandmother. It has the markings that would indicate pre 1911. They have been in my basement for many years. I was thinking about giving them to my granddaughers as wall hangings. Would that be safe or should I dispose of them

We also have gorgeous vintage flatware, and stemware to compliment the china as well as platters, luncheon and dessert sets, serving pieces, teapots and even vintage chandeliers to transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary! We are happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and show you some of our beautiful pieces.

Railroads would serve many types of meals and beverages in transit. They purchased items emblazoned with their herald and name to make a lasting impression on the traveling public and to denote the wealth of the carrier. L. Barth & Co. of New York was the wholesale distributor for several rail china manufacturers. 59ce067264


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