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War Leaders: Clash of Nations - The Ultimate WWII Strategy Game

this game is a management, strategy and business simulation developed and published by dreamcatcher interactive, inc. the game takes place during the 1st week of january 199 and casts you in the role of the leader and introduces one-hundred and forty controllable nations. it offers the complete access over his nations from the use of nuclear weapons, taxes, secret services, and more. it has two different modes such as freeplay and scenarios. there are different nations such as argentina, united kingdom, south korea, russia, and others. select one of them to start the game and the player has to keep the balance between different elements and make his strategy to survive his nation as long as possible in the beginning. freeplay is sandbox mode, starting with the options of which nation to command, which tasks to accomplish and the limit of time to accomplish them within. the ultimate goals are to stay in power, conquer the world, balance the resources of the nation, and eliminate terrorists and more. superpower is the wonderful game as compared to other business and politics simulations. try it out, and youll love it.

War Leaders Clash Of Nations Download

tiki war is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game developed and published by dreamcatcher interactive, inc. the game allows the player to choose one of several countries to lead them through the game. it has three game modes such as conquest, scenario, and the multiplayer mode, where the player must face the other countries to win the game. there are different countries to play such as the us, japan, russia, and more. the story takes place in the campaign of wwii where the player can take the role of a person such as a commander, a soldier, and a pilot. choose your nation and build the army from the start of the game. the gameplay is similar to other strategy games where the player needs to place their units in strategic locations to attack and defend the territory. there are different units such as tanks, troops, planes, and more. there are different battlefields such as the midway, europe, world war ii, etc. the gameplay offers different situations such as fight with the other nations, defend the territory from the enemy, and more. the game offers the players different features such as multi-player, an in-depth story, achievements, and more. youll play as generals, fighters and pilots, and have to battle and destroy the enemy for the land and the freedom.

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